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Tips For Monitoring Internet Usage Of Kids And Teens

There are millions of parents that are worried about their children’s safety on the internet. Internet programmers and website owners are also concerned about your children being as safe and as healthy as possible. Keeping this in mind, they’re constantly attempting to make websites safer and more secure for children, and trying to protect them […]

Communication Can Help Stop Cyber Bullies

Cyber bullying is a very serious issue many children and teens are facing today. Parents are more aware of these issues today because of highly covered child and teen suicides that happen because of cyber bullying. It is necessary not to just discuss the meaning of cyber bullying but also how to eliminate cyber bullying. […]

How Parents Can Put A Stop To Cyber Bullying

Today Cyber bullying is a serious problem faced the children and teens. Parents are becoming more aware of these issues, due to highly publicized tragedies involving suicides of children and teens, due in part to cyber bullying by peers. It is necessary not to just discuss the meaning of cyber bullying but also how to […]

Keeping Kids Safe On The Internet

With a generation of technology savvy kids growing up around and on the information super highway, internet safety is as important as never before. Keeping those underage safe from online predators is an important task set before software engineers and also social networking site owners and operators. Unfortunately, parents are not as technology savvy as […]

Ways To Ensure Online Safety For KIds

Internet safety has never been quite so important as it is now, with all of our technology smart kids growing up on the Internet. Keeping children safe from online predators is a top priority for programmers, social networking sites, and parents. Very often Internet safety measures are not used by parents who are in the […]

Teach Kids and Teens About Offer Scams – Free Ringtones, etc.

It is not easy to teach kids and teens about offer scams (free ringtones, etc.) since they are such a mainstay in the online culture. Clever marketers have long realized teens especially love the idea of getting something for nothing. What is more popular than a free ringtone, CD, DVD or t-shirt? When you begin […]

Web Safety Tips For Kids

Each year there are thousands of children who become victims of online predators. While all cases don’t end tragically, there are indeed people out there who are in the business of targeting innocent children online. They are wise enough to seek out the most vulnerable children, in the most vulnerable places. Thus, it’s incredibly important […]

How Online Predators Target Kids

Online predators are becoming trickier and trickier, due to the authorities becoming more aware of their existence. With parents educating their children on what to avoid and authorities busting online predators daily, they are coming up with new ways to target kids. Online Scams Many online predators are reverting to using online scams to gather […]

Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Many parents are choosing to monitor their child’s online activities. While other parents may feel this is a bit extreme, it’s actually a wise decision. After all, thousands of children become victims of online predators each year. With online predators lurking around every corner, a parent can’t be too careful. Here are a few ways […]

Internet Browsing PC Monitoring Software Benefits

When it comes to the safety of your child or teen, parents should not ignore internet behavior. Many teens and children go online each year and fall as prey to internet criminals and predators. Parents often assume children are safely using their home computer. However, there are many risks involved in allowing your children access […]