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Teach Kids and Teens About Offer Scams – Free Ringtones, etc.

It is not easy to teach kids and teens about offer scams (free ringtones, etc.) since they are such a mainstay in the online culture. Clever marketers have long realized teens especially love the idea of getting something for nothing. What is more popular than a free ringtone, CD, DVD or t-shirt? When you begin […]

Latest Trends in Social Networking

The latest trends in social networking have brought pressure to the sites that heretofore seemed to be little more than a free for all to anyone who wanted to participate. MySpace, Facebook, and various other sites are feeling the pressure to lay down guidelines that protect younger users and they are seeking to meet these […]

Myths about Internet Safety

There are several myths about Internet safety, some of which are proclaimed and perpetuated by online predators! It is a well known fact that online you have the same mix of good guys, law abiding citizens, and of course criminals – some of whom have the stated goal of trying to take advantage of children […]

Chat Room Safety Tips

One of the primary reasons teens access the internet is social networking. These sites appear to have mushroomed virtually overnight and they are here to stay. While many are great ways of providing interactions among peers, parents must be proactive in working with their independent minded teens to recognize problems before they occur and then […]