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The Five Best Sites For Kids

With the Internet being widely available to all families, it’s no wonder children are so intrigued by its greatness. After all, the Web provides endless opportunities for entertainment and education. However, parents should be aware of which sites are most appropriate for their children. Here is a list of the five best sites for kids […]

General Computer Safety Tips

Keeping younger and also older children safe while they are interacting with others online and also using the Internet for learning and studying is a tall order. So seemingly safe and fun, many let their real life socializing habits dictate the way the choose to interact online and although all the warnings are offered by […]

Chat Room Safety Tips

One of the primary reasons teens access the internet is social networking. These sites appear to have mushroomed virtually overnight and they are here to stay. While many are great ways of providing interactions among peers, parents must be proactive in working with their independent minded teens to recognize problems before they occur and then […]