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Teach Kids and Teens About Offer Scams – Free Ringtones, etc.

It is not easy to teach kids and teens about offer scams (free ringtones, etc.) since they are such a mainstay in the online culture. Clever marketers have long realized teens especially love the idea of getting something for nothing. What is more popular than a free ringtone, CD, DVD or t-shirt? When you begin […]

Web Safety Tips For Kids

Each year there are thousands of children who become victims of online predators. While all cases don’t end tragically, there are indeed people out there who are in the business of targeting innocent children online. They are wise enough to seek out the most vulnerable children, in the most vulnerable places. Thus, it’s incredibly important […]

Shopping Safely Online In Three Easy Steps

Transacting business online is perhaps the easiest way of getting your shopping done, and if the holidays are any indication, this practice is here to stay and will only get more popular! Of course, wherever there is money involved, crooks are not far behind, and it is not surprising to find guides cropping up that […]

How to Warn Your Child about Online Web Predators

Learning how to warn your child about online web predators is easier said than done and parents who have attempted to have a sit-down talk with the preteen or teen soon find that their youngsters are tuning them out. Instead, it is recommended that this kind of training is an ongoing process that starts the […]

Facts about Kids and Internet Safety

As long as there are kids online, there will be predators targeting them. Parents must realize that their teens may start out using the Internet for homework help or research purposes, but before long they will get involved in the world of social networking as well. Facts about kids and Internet safety reveal that many […]