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Understand That Online Danger Is Not Just Sexual

Whenever parents worry about protecting their children from online dangers they will instinctively gravitate to protecting them from potential sexual predators who are seeking to set up clandestine meetings with your child for sexual encounters. While these fears are most certainly grounded in reality, it is vital to understand that online danger is not just […]

General Computer Safety Tips

Keeping younger and also older children safe while they are interacting with others online and also using the Internet for learning and studying is a tall order. So seemingly safe and fun, many let their real life socializing habits dictate the way the choose to interact online and although all the warnings are offered by […]

Latest Trends in Social Networking

The latest trends in social networking have brought pressure to the sites that heretofore seemed to be little more than a free for all to anyone who wanted to participate. MySpace, Facebook, and various other sites are feeling the pressure to lay down guidelines that protect younger users and they are seeking to meet these […]

Myths about Internet Safety

There are several myths about Internet safety, some of which are proclaimed and perpetuated by online predators! It is a well known fact that online you have the same mix of good guys, law abiding citizens, and of course criminals – some of whom have the stated goal of trying to take advantage of children […]

Facts about Kids and Internet Safety

As long as there are kids online, there will be predators targeting them. Parents must realize that their teens may start out using the Internet for homework help or research purposes, but before long they will get involved in the world of social networking as well. Facts about kids and Internet safety reveal that many […]

Internet Safety Tips For Kids And Teens

The Internet can be an educational tool as well as an entertainment source when used wisely. Unfortunately with all areas of life there are dangers associated within technology. When it comes to using the Internet we have to not only protect ourselves but our children as well. There should be precautions set up for kids […]

Internet Safety for Teachers and Educators

When it comes to using the Internet in an educational facility or environment, there are often guidelines that were previously created and set in place for you to follow. In the case of a home schoolteacher it can be left up to you personally to create rules and guidelines for your students to follow for […]