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Tips for Keeping Safe When Social Networking

As a child, you learned many rules of life that may help you stay safe and out of harm’s way. Staying away from strangers and not crossing a street without looking both ways helped you stay on top of everyday safety. But, in today’s computer driven times there are even more safety tips to remember […]

The Latest Threats To Being Safe Online

Most online threats do not focus on a person’s physical well being but instead involve financial crimes of a threat of identity theft. The latest threats to being safe online most often include a scam artist trying to con money out of innocent Web users. One of the most commonly used threats today involves the […]

Internet Safety Tips – Why is Internet Safety So Important

Internet safety is among the primary things parents can relay to their own kids in this point in time of technological growth. Without knowing how to suitably handle themselves on-line, children can quickly fall victim to child predators. There has been numerous conditions of children offering private data to the individuals they are unsure of […]

The Top 3 Internet Monitoring Programs

Internet monitoring programs are more and more popular due to parents becoming more aware of the risks associated with possible Internet crimes. Parents should certainly be aware of what their children are doing online, in order to keep them safe. These three Internet monitoring programs are ideal for parents who want to know their children […]

How Parents And Teachers Can Best Monitor And Filter Internet Usage

You are not the only parent concerned with their child’s safety online. Keeping your child safe is of utmost concern to internet programmers and site owners. With this in mind, they are constantly trying to improve websites so children can be safer and more secure from the possible threats they can easily face on the […]

Stopping Cyber Bullying Before It Starts

Cyber bullying is a very serious issue many children and teens are facing today. Parents are becoming more aware of these issues, due to highly publicized tragedies involving suicides of children and teens, due in part to cyber bullying by peers. It?s important not only to talk about what cyber bullying is but how to […]

The Importance Of Preventing Cyber Bullying

Today Cyber bullying is a serious problem faced the children and teens. Parents are more aware of these issues today because of highly covered child and teen suicides that happen because of cyber bullying. It’s important not only to talk about what cyber bullying is but how to stop cyber bullying. Talking to children about […]