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How Parents And Teachers Can Best Monitor And Filter Internet Usage

You are not the only parent concerned with their child’s safety online. Keeping your child safe is of utmost concern to internet programmers and site owners. With this in mind, they are constantly trying to improve websites so children can be safer and more secure from the possible threats they can easily face on the […]

Safe Internet Use For Kids And Teens

There must be a complete agreement between parents, teens and even younger children saying they will look out for one another when it comes to being and staying safe while on the Internet. Most commonly associated with breaches of online safety are the suggested meet ups between posters who only know one another from online […]

Ways To Ensure Internet Safety For Children

With a generation of technology savvy kids growing up around and on the information super highway, Internet safety is as important as never before. Keeping children safe from online predators is a top priority for programmers, social networking sites, and parents. Unfortunately, parents are not as technology savvy as their kids, and therefore the call […]

The Five Best Sites For Kids

With the Internet being widely available to all families, it’s no wonder children are so intrigued by its greatness. After all, the Web provides endless opportunities for entertainment and education. However, parents should be aware of which sites are most appropriate for their children. Here is a list of the five best sites for kids […]

Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Many parents are choosing to monitor their child’s online activities. While other parents may feel this is a bit extreme, it’s actually a wise decision. After all, thousands of children become victims of online predators each year. With online predators lurking around every corner, a parent can’t be too careful. Here are a few ways […]

Internet Browsing PC Monitoring Software Benefits

When it comes to the safety of your child or teen, parents should not ignore internet behavior. Many teens and children go online each year and fall as prey to internet criminals and predators. Parents often assume children are safely using their home computer. However, there are many risks involved in allowing your children access […]

Being Clear On Online Stranger Danger – A Primer for Parents

Whenever parents think of keeping children safe online, their first and foremost worry is that of children stumbling on pornographic sites or websites with similarly objectionable content. The mistake many a parent makes is the failure to approach the Internet from the vantage point of a child. Where parents are wary and even somewhat jaded, […]