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How Online Predators Target Kids

Online predators are becoming trickier and trickier, due to the authorities becoming more aware of their existence. With parents educating their children on what to avoid and authorities busting online predators daily, they are coming up with new ways to target kids. Online Scams Many online predators are reverting to using online scams to gather […]

Monitoring Your Child’s Online Activities

Many parents are choosing to monitor their child’s online activities. While other parents may feel this is a bit extreme, it’s actually a wise decision. After all, thousands of children become victims of online predators each year. With online predators lurking around every corner, a parent can’t be too careful. Here are a few ways […]

Practicing Child Internet Safety without Laying the Groundwork for Deceit

Many a website will suggest that parents install Internet site blocking software packages which will effectively refuse their children access to a plethora of objectionable websites. Of course, the average preteen or teen is able to disables these kinds of programs within mere minutes after powering up the computer, and many an adult is none […]