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How Parents And Teachers Can Best Monitor And Filter Internet Usage

You are not the only parent concerned with their child’s safety online. Keeping your child safe is of utmost concern to internet programmers and site owners. With this in mind, they are constantly trying to improve websites so children can be safer and more secure from the possible threats they can easily face on the […]

Internet Safety at School

Chances are your children are perfectly able to use the Web at school. Younger children are often monitored and elementary schools often spend loads of money on software which prevents them from seeing ads or visiting sites which may be inappropriate for their viewing. However, older children have more lenient rules and more frequent access […]

General Computer Safety Tips

Keeping younger and also older children safe while they are interacting with others online and also using the Internet for learning and studying is a tall order. So seemingly safe and fun, many let their real life socializing habits dictate the way the choose to interact online and although all the warnings are offered by […]