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Chat Rooms for Kids and Teens – Safety First

Does your child or teen long to chat with their friends online? If they are like millions of others their age, chatting online is one of their favorite things to waste time doing. However, there is great risk associated with allowing your children to chat online. By using these safety tips, you can keep your […]

Internet Safety at School

Chances are your children are perfectly able to use the Web at school. Younger children are often monitored and elementary schools often spend loads of money on software which prevents them from seeing ads or visiting sites which may be inappropriate for their viewing. However, older children have more lenient rules and more frequent access […]

How to Warn Your Child about Online Web Predators

Learning how to warn your child about online web predators is easier said than done and parents who have attempted to have a sit-down talk with the preteen or teen soon find that their youngsters are tuning them out. Instead, it is recommended that this kind of training is an ongoing process that starts the […]

Statistics of Online Predators Are Sobering to Parents

It is a well known fact that the Internet contains its fair share of criminals, and a good number of them seek to prey on children and young adults. Parents are of course the first line of defense and even as many are becoming more Internet savvy and seek to safeguard their children, there are […]

Statistics of Online Predators Are Alarming

Parents of teens traversing the Internet in the pursuit of homework help and also social networking know that things are not safe but quite frequently they do not realize just how bad things have gotten. The statistics of online predators are alarming and the Crimes against Children Research Center reports that of children who are […]

Parents Applaud the New Internet Safety Policies on Facebook

Since social networking sites are here to stay, parents will be wise to work with their kids to help them make good choices when it comes to interacting with friends and also strangers on these sites. To suggest that kids should never enter into discussions with those whom they do not know might be sage […]

Internet Safety Software Recommendations Every Parent Should Know

There are various Internet safety software recommendations every parent should know. First and foremost is the kind of software that will monitor, filter and restrict a child’s access to sites featuring predetermined content; this kind of software is commonly chosen by schools and other institutions of learning where children are expected to utilize the computer […]

Catching Online Predators Requires Awareness

The Web Safe Kid website, a premier resource for parents serious about keeping children safe while they are gradually beginning their online learning, studying, and socializing habits, advocates that a safe child is an aware child. The reality goes even further than this; catching online predators requires awareness as well: those of parents, caregivers, law […]

Catching Online Predators Is Not Enough

If you believe that it is sufficient to assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts of catching online predators, you are sadly mistaken. For each and every online predator that is apprehended and convicted, there are plenty of others ready to step up and take their places in the chat rooms, message boards, forums, and […]

Internet Safety Software Recommendations Do Not Make Up For Parental Supervision

With Facebook increasing and enhancing its safety features and other social networking sites quickly following suit, it is not surprising that many a parent is convinced their kids are safer online than they ever were before. If online predators were not evolving alongside the technology designed to keep them away from kids, this might be […]