Internet Dating Services

Online dating has become the new rage for singles over the past decade, so much so that countless dating sites have been erected to accommodate those who would like to meet others for dating, marriage or merely to socialize and develop friendships. Internet dating sites are available for free sign-up or reasonable fees.

Yes, there are even teen dating sites. This is necessary. First, many people have an interest to interact with others of their own age and degree of experience. Teens have a desire and right to their own space and privacy; they form a sub-culture that is just as valid as other groups, such as Christians, gays, seniors, Asians, African Americans and Latinos. They have particular needs to be met without interference or supervision, such as the freedom to explore and discover themselves on their own and amongst themselves.

Still, the reality is there: The online world can be dangerous, especially for young teens. Predators exist, and they are persistent. Teen dating sites were developed on the Internet to isolate these youngsters from access by these predators so they can interact comfortably and without concern. Special sign-up software allows this without difficulty.

The great thing about these online dating sites is that they facilitate the wants of the teens and, at the same time, serve to protect them. No one, not even the teens themselves, could ask for anything more.

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