Web Warden-Internet Safety Software

20 percent of children between the ages of 10 and 17 have been the victims of unsolicited sexual advances online. Three fourths of them never tell their parents or another adult. Seven out of ten of these advances occur on the children’s home computer. What’s scariest, is that many of these, after lengthy and multiple online conversations that gain the child’s trust, finally culminate in a face to face meeting.

A software firm has just introduced a brand new product for parents and guardians that will help keep their children safe from these Internet predators.
This Web alert product lets parents monitor and block not only sites but email and instant messaging capabilities, sources and destinations.

What this new software will do is record children’s emails, their chats and their instant messages. It will record the sites they visit, the applications they use, the files they access, and their keystrokes. It can take screenshots of the online activity, block specific email, chatting or IM, or all of any of them. It can block specific games and application, and set up automatic keyword detection. How the latter would work is that the parent or guardian would specific the keywords about which they want to be alerted.  A danger alert can be activated as well.

All of these Internet child safety functions would work simultaneously on the computer and would save the data to a location that is hidden from the computer user and available only to the designated parent(s) or guardian for their access and perusal.

This child Internet safety software will be available any day now with major office product retailers for about $50. 

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