Web Safety Tips For Kids

Each year there are thousands of children who become victims of online predators. While all cases don’t end tragically, there are indeed people out there who are in the business of targeting innocent children online. They are wise enough to seek out the most vulnerable children, in the most vulnerable places. Thus, it’s incredibly important for parents to practice web safety for kids. Families can use these rules to help their children stay safe when online.

Rule #1 Never Give Out Information

Parents should be very firm in telling their children not to give out any information online. This information should include their name, address, phone number, school, sports team or anything else. Online predators are very good at taking a small piece of information and figuring out the rest on their own. Over time, they may be able to get enough to actually find your child.

Rule #2 Authorized Sites Only

Parents should also limit the sites their children can browse within. Many kid-oriented sites have no chat functions and only allow children to browse or play games on the sites. These sites are often very safe. Most often, children get into trouble when they are allowed to chat.

Rule #3 Computer Stays In Family Area

Parents often make the mistake of allowing their child or teen the opportunity to use a computer in their room. While this can be a good idea for homework purposes, it can also give your child the opportunity to visit sites you don’t authorize. In addition, they are more likely to chat with strangers online when you’re not looking over their shoulder.

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