Using Internet Safety And Social Media Sites Safety

Any person at any age can become a target for identity theft or the potential victim of an online predator. Because of this reality one must always be cautious of the information and personal details that they share with others online.

You should always protect important personal information such as birth certificate details, banking or social security numbers. Be wary to give out your work, school or home address.

These pieces of information can be used to steal an identity or to target a person’s location for harm or abduction. Though we often think that these events can not happen to us it is all to easy to fall victim no matter who you are, your age, race, sex or other details.

Keep your personal details to a minimum. When creating user names, passwords or profiles keep information broad for safety. Do not use birthrates, anniversaries or pet names as passwords. Create passwords out of letter number combination. Also use a user name that has only your first name and a random number.

Keep your last name personal along with any other details that could be sued against you. By following simple steps such as the suggestions above you can lower your risk of falling victim to someone or something that you may regret encountering. Identity theft is the most rapidly growing crime two years running.

Not only online but through paper mail misuse. It is our responsibility to us to protect our personal details and to keep our families safe by sharing how to use the Internet wisely and cautiously.

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