Use Internet Safety to Protect Your Kids

The rise in cyber stalkers and child predators online is alarming to both parents and guardians of children and teens. News stories on Internet bullying that leads to teen suicide and young girls meeting strangers that they say they are close to from chatting online with.

The dangers of using the Internet without rules and a basic safety course are far too likely to bring about a negative out come. Before your children, preteens or teens get online and begin reaching out to the world, they need to know how to protect themselves from online predators. Do not post photographs online if possible. This puts your face out their for all to see, good and bad. Do not provide personal information through a website or email. Protect your full name, address, email, and school information.

By putting this information online you provide predators with the information of what you look like and where they can find you in person. If you choose to build a personal site like those on my space, do so with precaution. Also remember that if someone posts a cruel or angering remark or comment just ignores it.

You can’t help it when people choose to be ignorant and to use words and comments that are simply not necessary, but you can be the bigger person and pay no attention to the non-sense.

If you come across a site that is offensive or just makes you feel uncomfortable, close the site and inform a grown up. Visit sites that are appropriate and always enter keywords that are specific to your information you are looking for. Be safe, protect yourself and you will see that the Internet is both fun and educational.

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