Three Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens You Cannot Be Without

With the almost daily onslaught of news reports and investigative journalism cover stories that feature online predators seeking out minors with sexual and other criminal intent, parents are without a doubt searching for Internet safety tips for kids and teens that are not only useful but also enforceable.

Sadly, it is the very minor who is to be safeguarded by these precautions that will turn around and seek to circumvent them in an effort to continue communicating with an online friend who just might be a predator.

There are three Internet safety tips for kids and teens you cannot be without:

1.Minors should not have private Internet access. While most children like the idea of having their own computer for homework and to play games, access to the Internet should be restricted to a centrally located computer within the home that affords little privacy. This cuts down on the incidents of unacceptable communications and will permit parents to occasionally take a peek at the kinds of emails their child is writing or responding to.

2.Each computer in the home must be outfitted with a parental lockout feature that is up to date and modern. Do not underestimate your child’s Internet savvy! Online predators are known to have ferreted out this kind of info from kids and then taught them how to disable the parental lockout under the guise of wanting to email them a game or some other communication that would be caught by the parental lockout.

3.Establish and maintain open communication about any and all goings on online. Internet safety tips for kids and teens are useless if the latter do not feel comfortable discussing odd behavior of an online friend with their parents. If your child fears a revocation of Internet privileges when she or he asks you a potentially explosive question, all safety tips will be for naught!

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