Think Positive Online

It’s easy to tell our children what not to do when they’re online, but harder to give them the skills to protect themselves effectively. What many parents fail to realize is that the internet can itself be a tool for teaching basic safety precautions. Parents’ online safety tips should always include advice on how to make use of the internet as a positive safety tool.

There are many worried parents out there, along with organizations formed for and by children themselves, all aiming to help create a safe online environment for the young. The resources they provide range from the K12 pages (which are designed to give young children a positive learning experience within a self-contained and supervised area of cyberspace) to support networks aimed at helping children deal with abuse and bullying.

Even facilities which have been used to harm children (such as the video sites which have been popular with bullies) can be turned around and used to help them (as with the recent launch of new anti-bullying videos). Following the advice given by schools and by parents’ groups, you can help your child to access these resources and take advantage of the good things the internet has to offer.

Whilst many people think of the internet as inherently dangerous, in reality it’s just a tool which can be used for any purpose. Parents’ online safety tips tend to focus on the people who abuse it, but there are also many people out there who are using it to create child-friendly services.

You can even become involved with such projects yourself if you have the time to create resources which children might enjoy. You can also help to supervise children’s pages to keep them safe from hackers.

No matter how well you try to shield your children from the dangers of the internet, there will come a time when they’ll have to cope with it by themselves. Take advantage of internet safety resources and you can give them the skills they need to do so successfully.

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