The Seven Deadly Sins of Kid Internet Safety

Parents always have the best intentions of keeping their children safe while online, yet unfortunately many a parent unintentionally makes a lot of mistakes when it comes to kids’ Internet safety.

The seven deadly sins of kid Internet safety:

1.Placing a computer with Internet access into the child’s room is perhaps the most commonly committed sin of Internet safety for children. Kids clamor for this privilege and parents who need to keep access to their computers open for personal use are only too happy to comply. Yet a computer that is not locate din a high traffic area lends itself to unwise activities.

2.Relying on an online service or software package to keep objectionable websites at bay. Children are adept at disabling these devices and you will never be the wiser.

3.Forgetting that a how-to on circumnavigating parental controls on a computer is a rite of passage eagerly practiced at many a middle school and even high school.

4.Exchanging the ongoing conversation with the child in favor of the online nanny or honor system. “Trust but verify” is a healthy motto to follow when it comes to checking up on your child’s online behavior.

5.Remember that online stalkers are just that: crafty predators that will employ a vast methodology of implicit and explicit threats to get children to follow their will. Counteracting their stealth attacks requires a healthy relationship between parent and child.

6.Understand that your child’s inborn curiosity may get the better or her or him. Treat mistakes and missteps such as visits to objectionable websites as such. Compassion and calm behavior will always win out over an irrational shouting match.

Last but not least, remember that the Internet is much like a busy street in a foreign country; you know that danger might be lurking, but if you rely on your personal understanding of personal safety and danger, you will underestimate the danger the setting presents to your child. Look at the ‘Net from your child’s point of view in an effort to understand dangers.

2 thoughts on “The Seven Deadly Sins of Kid Internet Safety

  1. KenS

    Most filtering packages are jokes and kids will get around them. That’s why the better option is to monitor. With monitoring software like our PC Pandora (, you can let kids be kids without blocks and filters (though the program does have those too), while being able to see everything they do online. This way you can hold them accountable for what they are doing, whether it is going to sites you don’t approve of, bullying other kids, chatting with strangers, etc. Your deadly sins are excellent and well thought out. And a good way to avoid all of them is by simply monitoring and being aware. Parents should not be able to play the “I didn’t know card” anymore there are no excuses for not knowing other than laziness.

  2. Gregory

    Some time ago I bought internet filtering software called Ez Internet Timer to limit my kid’s time surfing the web. I’m very happy with this piece of software because it does the trick perfectly (password protected, protects your PC in Windows Safe Mode, protects from changing PC system time and unauthorized stopping). My daughter hates this software. 🙂

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