The New Internet Safety Policies on Facebook

Next to MySpace, Facebook is one of the most commonly accessed social networking sites. Teens especially seem to love Facebook and all it does and while the site aspires to keep posters and participants safe, there are some fact parents need to know. The new Internet safety policies on Facebook, much like the ones set forth by MySpace as enumerated on the Web Safe Kid website, focus on children over the age of 13.

Unfortunately, this discounts the fact that younger kids, too, are accessing the site. Granted, Facebook is very clear in stating that its services are not legally available to those under 13, but parents should be aware that this caveat can neither be enforced by the site, nor is it always honored by kids and their friends. Thus, the new Internet safety policies on Facebook are somewhat flawed from the onset—albeit without the company having the power to act.

What sets apart Facebook from other sites is the quick turnaround time it offers with respect to notifications of abuse posts. Seeking to root out nudity, porn, and the kinds of contacts that are overtly odd or inappropriate, the new Internet safety policies on Facebook set forth that the company will address the complaints it has received and then report back to the complaining party within a record 72 hours.

Of course, when you remember that most online predators do not overtly act as nuisances but instead seek to gain kids’ trust, the odds of catching them and weeding them out are fairly slim.

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