The Information Superhighway: What It Can And Can’t Do

There are many benefits to the Information Superhighway and there are also some things to watch out for. Your kids can learn a lot of things when they know how to access the Information Superhighway and they will need to know how to find information in this way.  There are also some things that you may prefer that they not be involved in when it comes to the Information Superhighway.

Here are some of the advantages of the Information Superhighway:

1:  When you have a computer in your home that is connected to the Internet your child will have unlimited access to all kinds of information.

2:  There are wonderful resources on the Internet that can help children when they are doing research, working on school projects or writing papers.

3:  Kids will be able to improve their reading and research skills.  They will also be able to increase their knowledge of technology.

4:  Children can connect with other kids all over the world.

5:  Parents and children can spend time together on the Internet; working on homework, creating artwork, listening to music and playing games.

There can be a downside to kids using the Information Superhighway:

1:  Children will not automatically become brilliant students, the Internet is just another tool.

2:  Kids can gain access to sites that are not appropriate or safe for them.

3:  Sometimes kids meet people online who are not honest and have ulterior motives in mind.

4:  If children spend too much time on the Internet they may lose interest in other things.

Monitor the time your children spend online and know what sites they visit, and who they are communicating with.

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