The Five Best Sites For Kids

With the Internet being widely available to all families, it’s no wonder children are so intrigued by its greatness. After all, the Web provides endless opportunities for entertainment and education. However, parents should be aware of which sites are most appropriate for their children. Here is a list of the five best sites for kids online.

1) For those children who are under the age of 7, is one of the best sites for online gaming and learning. The games are based around popular NickJr cartoons. However, they are educational, fun and easy for children to play without help. While parents should supervise online play, the child can navigate the site easily on their own.

2) Disney is widely known for their family-friendly content. Thus, it’s no shock their website would offer a multitude of family-friendly videos, games and educational opportunities. From the fun and exciting world of Toon Town to the adult vacation planning options, has it all!

3) With a great name and a wealth of information, is the ideal place for children to learn online. There are sections for homework help, gaming, sports, science and more. Anything your child wants to learn about can be found at this great site.

4) Another family-friendly site, promises to keep your children safe when they visit. There are great coloring pages, games, videos and more on this site. It is best for younger children but even older children can enjoy the activities there.

5) While it’s a division of Disney, is one of the raging successes of the Web with kids today. This online game offers a safe and kid-friendly layout to allow children to play for hours, in a safe manner.

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