Teach Kids and Teens About Offer Scams – Free Ringtones, etc.

It is not easy to teach kids and teens about offer scams (free ringtones, etc.) since they are such a mainstay in the online culture. Clever marketers have long realized teens especially love the idea of getting something for nothing. What is more popular than a free ringtone, CD, DVD or t-shirt?

When you begin to teach kids and teens about offer scams (free ringtones, etc.) do not forget to underline the various bits and pieces of information that are required to receive these goodies. First and foremost, there is the divulging of a full name and mailing address. Secondly, quite often there is a demand of personally identifiable information with respect to the name of a school and other facts.

Unscrupulous marketers then solicit each kid to name his or her friends in an effort to get more such facts. While for a business this kind of marketing makes a lot of sense, when you teach kids and teens about offer scams, you may want to make sure they understand that there are no free ringtones interesting enough to let others see too much personal information about them, or to give up their friends’ names and email addresses.

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