Smart Internet Practices for Children – Part Two

Is your child having a tough time listening to you when it comes to rules for using the internet?  Do you constantly catch them talking to people they shouldn’t, and even sometimes giving out contact information?  If this sounds like your child, there is no reason to get upset.  The fact of the matter is that if you start to yell at them, they are just going to revolt against you.  You have to get on their side first, and then you can start to correct the problem.

One of the best ways to do this is by talking with your child about the dangers of the internet.  For some children this is all that they need in order to realize that they are putting themselves in danger.  A little scare can go a long way.

In addition, you may want to set down some rules that are easy to follow.  These may include things as easy as only using the internet for a certain amount of time per day.  This will help your child to get involved with other activities such as sports or music.

As long as your child knows that you are on their side, they will be more likely to listen when you speak.  The problem comes into play when you try to cut them off from all online activity.  This is when they may start to receive and make phone calls, and even set up visits.

Being on the same page as your child can go a long way.

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