Shopping Safely Online In Three Easy Steps

Transacting business online is perhaps the easiest way of getting your shopping done, and if the holidays are any indication, this practice is here to stay and will only get more popular! Of course, wherever there is money involved, crooks are not far behind, and it is not surprising to find guides cropping up that alert you to the need for safe online shopping.

Shopping safely online in three easy steps begins by having a dedicated credit card for online purchases. Do not use a debit card linked to your bank account, but instead use that one credit card only. Should someone make off with the number, you can simply cancel the card and it will not be cause of a lot of fiscal unrest and worry.

The second step of shopping safely online requires you to access sites that you trust. Sure, some sites you might have just stumbled upon, but others are obvious in their attempt to phish for information. To complete a sale, you should not have to divulge your birth date or your social security number. Do not click on links embedded in spam emails you received.

The third and final step for shopping safely online is careful checking of the website’s offer. Sometimes you might be purchasing a service or downloadable good and not realize that you are also signing up for automatic renewals of the service. Objection to this must be made at the time of the sale or shortly thereafter. Stay on top of this charge to prevent it from surreptitiously being slipped into your bill!

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