Safe Internet Surfing in 10 Easy Steps

Keeping yourself and your family members safe online can be accomplished in the following 10 steps.

1.Firewall and virus protection use

2.Alternative browser use such as Firefox.

3.Do not save passwords in browser.

4.Do not provide personal information of any kind online.

5.Protect user-names and passwords.

6.Create new passwords for each website using a combination of numbers and letters.

7.Use safe downloads only.

8.Clear browser history after Internet use.

9.Block pop-ups and cookies.

10.Do not meet Internet companions in person, especially alone.

The above steps protect both the user of the Internet and the system in which the Internet is being accessed by. The online dangers are many. There are sexual predators, viruses, identity thieves, hackers and more that wait and watch for a chance to get information. These precautions can protect you from loosing valuable property and keep your family members from possible abduction and abuse.

You should also take some time to discuss these dangers as well as the present existence of Cyber bullies with your family. Some people may laugh at the thought of Cyber bullies but there are reports of bullying online and off that lead our youth to suicide. The mocking and harassment in a young persona life can become so elevated that it leads to a feeling of hopelessness.

This is why so many sites ask that any type of inappropriate behavior be reported. Keeping your family safe is as easy as sitting down for 15 minutes and discussing dangers and prevention. You and your family will be glad that you did.

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