Risky Business And Kids Using The Internet

It can indeed be risky business when kids use the Internet.  You need to take responsibility as a parent and reduce this risky and unsafe business.

Get the family together and set up some rules for Internet use.  Do not be afraid to talk about Internet safety concerns with your kids.

Make sure that everyone using the Internet agrees to follow these rules:

  • Do not give out any identifying information like telephone number, home or work address or school name.  When kids are using chat rooms or bulletin boards they should not give out any of this personal information. If they are e-mailing any of this information it should only be to people both you and the child know and trust.
  • Make sure kids know that they need to tell you if they come across and messages or bulletin boards that are threatening, suggestive, abusive, sexual, obscene or belligerent.  Kids should be told that they are not to respond to this type of message.
  • Kids should also know that they are not to click on any links that are part of an e-mail sent by someone they don’t know.  Many of these links are connected to sites that are not appropriate.
  • Talk to your kids about the dangers of meeting any of the people they chat with online face-to-face.  This is the way predators prey on children and teens.

There are many good things about using the Internet and teaching your kids how to use the Internet.  Just make sure you are aware of the risks and that your kids know the safest way to be online.

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