More Useful Internet Safety Tips

With a generation of technology savvy kids growing up around and on the information super highway, Internet safety is as important as never before. Keeping those underage safe from online predators is an important task set before software engineers and also social networking site owners and operators.

Unfortunately, parents are not as technology savvy as their kids, and therefore the call for Internet safety oftentimes goes unheeded by those who have the greatest influence on the online habit the children exhibit: mom and dad.

Although it would be naïve to suggest that you can spend every waking moment supervising your young ‘Net surfer, there are some simple steps to take that ensure a heightened sense of Internet safety in your home.

First and foremost, there should be no Internet connected PC in a private area of your home. Instead, set up the computer in the middle of the living room or kitchen where there is ample foot traffic. Secondly, discuss the truths of online predators with your children.

Sugarcoating the facts is not sufficient anymore. Instead, keep it age appropriate but at the same time keep it as real as you possibly can when explaining the problems associated with online aliases and child predators.

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