More Essential Internet Safety Tips

No matter your age or Internet surfing experience following safety tips while online can keep every man, woman and child safe. There are online predators who search for times and places where children will be for the worst of intentions. Scam artists and Identity thieves who prey on personal information such as names, birth dates, social security numbers and banking information.

Any time you go online be sure not to provide detailed information about your child’s school or activities that could put them in unnecessary danger. You may be aware of this and if so make your kids aware of it to. Children are never to young to know how to protect themselves from strangers online or off. Make sure that you provide safety tips that are age appropriate. If you are too detailed or frightening with your information you may turn them your kids away from a fun and educational experience.

Set up your favorites with sites for your children. Teach them to open the favorites and click on an approved site link that will take them safely and directly to a kid friendly place. Using this technique is especially good advice for smaller school age children. Be sure to go over some ground rules prior to letting your youngsters online.

If you are really into keeping your kids safe, block inappropriate content from your computer and have your kids sign a safety pledge. Type up the information above and have your kids sign it. Keep this posted at the computer as a reminder. This actually works for a lot of families. Give your own mini safety course and even quiz your kids. Safety is first and fun follows, that’s the number one tip.

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