Latest Trends in Social Networking

The latest trends in social networking have brought pressure to the sites that heretofore seemed to be little more than a free for all to anyone who wanted to participate.

MySpace, Facebook, and various other sites are feeling the pressure to lay down guidelines that protect younger users and they are seeking to meet these expectations to the best of their abilities.

The first step many have taken is to demand that nobody under the age of 13 is actually utilizing these sites. This protects the vast preteen population which thus far was at the greatest risk.

Unfortunately the crooks have caught on to this phenomenon and are varying their attacks on the now slightly older users of the social networking sites. Granted, some of the under 13 crowd is still logging on, but with parents and now also networking site administrators being more vigilant, these incidents are fewer and farther in between.

Thus the online predators are not appealing to the budding sexuality and also need to be accepted among older peers that is a determining factor in the psychological and emotional makeup of younger teens.

One of the latest trends in social networking is the daring of men to have young girls post photos of themselves in the nude.

These photos are then taken and either sold by the perpetrator or may actually be used against the teen in a form of blackmail attempt if she does not follow the wishes of the predator with respect to online conversations and sometimes even real life meetings.

Parents must be aware – now more than ever – that an open door policy is the only way to keep their teens safe online.

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