Know The Terms And Keep Your Kids Safe On The Internet

Knowledge is power and that is especially true when dealing with the Internet.  The Internet is a fact of life for most people and for their children, too.  If you want to keep your kids safe on the Internet you should know some of the terms used.

A browser is a software package.  It allows you to see, find and hear material on the Web.  This includes pictures, sound, text and video.  Some of the popular browsers are Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

Chat rooms are places people go to communicate with each other in “real time”  This is different than sending e-mails because e-mails are considered “delayed time.”  You should always know which chat rooms your kids are using because kids do not know who they are really communicating with.

Emoticons are the symbols that people use when communicating through e-mails and also in chat rooms.  You will find that there are hundreds of these symbols used already and the numbers continue to grow.  It would not be a bad idea for parents to acquaint themselves with these emoticons.

A hyperlink is a way to retrieve information by choosing highlighted and underlined words in text that are found on your screen.  Caution should be used here because sometimes people use these links to direct kids to inappropriate sites.

A newbie is someone who is inexperienced when it comes to using Internet technology.  A newbie can be at risk because of their lack of Internet knowledge and their vulnerability.

When you know the Internet terms you are ready to begin the quest to keep your kids safe while using today’s technology.

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