Keeping Online Dangers At A Minimum

There are ways to keep online dangers for your kids at a minimum. It is no secret that online dangers do exist but you have the power to keep these dangers minimal.

You need to be the parent of your child and not his friend. It may be easier to be the friend but this is not what is needed, especially when it comes to online dangers.

Explore the Internet with your child. If they want to have a site on MySpace or another site like MySpace, visit the site with your child. Read all the information you can find on the site and discuss what you have found with your child.

While you need not be a friend to your child it may not do you much good to be the dictator either. Handle online dangers and your discussions with a little finesse and let your child ask all kinds of questions. Try to open to her questions and answer them truthfully. Remember that while kids may be more computer savvy than many adults they are still kids and often are very naïve.

After you have explored the Internet together and talked about different sites and online dangers it is time to make a plan including rules for the use of the Internet. This is the part where you must remain firm. Kids will usually want to be able to spend more time online that you think is necessary and they may also want to visit sites that you do not deem safe. It is up to you to set the rules and be willing to follow through on any consequences.

As a parent it is your responsibility to keep online dangers at a minimum for your children.

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