Keeping Kids Safe Online

Internet safety has never been quite so important as it is now, with all of our technology smart kids growing up on the Internet. For software engineers and the operators of social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter, keeping underage young people safe from online predators has become very important.

Unfortunately, parents are not as technology savvy as their kids, and therefore the call for Internet safety oftentimes goes unheeded by those who have the greatest influence on the online habit the children exhibit.

Although it would be naive to suggest that you can spend every waking moment supervising your young computer user, there are some simple steps to take that ensure a heightened sense of Internet safety in your home.

A computer with an internet connection should be in an open area of the home so you can see what is going on. It would be a good idea to place the computer in living room or kitchen where privacy rate is low. The next thing to do is to make a point of discussing online predators with your kids.

Sugarcoating the facts is not sufficient anymore. While making it understandable for the child, frankly discuss the types of predators that might be lurking on the internet under an alias.

Internet safety is extremely important and should be talked about with your children. Children need to know the potential dangers associated with being online.

Everyone needs guidance when they work on a computer regardless of their age. Before you get too involved, make sure the kids understand the guidelines for safe internet usage.

More and more cases of identity theft are occurring, and not only do we need to protect our personal information, we need to take care of the information regarding our children, too. Inform your children that personal information includes their full name, birth date, home address or school location online.

In addition, make sure your phone numbers and email addresses are kept private. Scam artist wait for the opportunity to steal a name or other personal information that they can use to sell to criminal individual for a profit.

In order to safeguard your children, you must repeatedly remind of the safety tips you have discussed with them.

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