Keep your Contact Information Safe

When you are using social networking sites you never want to give out your contact information. By doing this, you are allowing anybody in the world to get in touch with you; and depending on what information you give out, they can get in touch with you in more ways than one.

A lot of people that use these sites freely give out contact information in their profile, or when other members ask for it. First off, you should never put your information in your profile. By doing this, you are allowing anybody to have access to it; even people that you have never spoken to in the past. If you must give out your information, you will want to make sure that you give it to somebody that you have become comfortable with. And even at that point, you will only want to give out your email address.

By making the mistake of giving out your phone number and address, you are putting yourself at risk. If somebody has your address, they can find you without any problems at all. In addition, with an address, a phone number is not hard to find either.

Giving out your contact information is not a smart idea unless you are 100% positive about the person you are dealing with. There are reasons and situations where you can give out your contact information, but just make sure that your information is going to the right people. By exercising your best judgment, you should be able to avoid any problems in this area.

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