Internet Safety Software Recommendations Every Parent Should Know

There are various Internet safety software recommendations every parent should know. First and foremost is the kind of software that will monitor, filter and restrict a child’s access to sites featuring predetermined content; this kind of software is commonly chosen by schools and other institutions of learning where children are expected to utilize the computer and where such safeguards stand between the child and the vastness of the ‘
Net with its pornography, solicitations and other objectionable materials.

Of course, these kinds of Internet safety software recommendations are sometimes followed through in the home as well, yet with computer savvy teens they are not usually feasible in the long run. After all, the average teen only requires seconds to learn how to undo a filter and online predators are only too happy in teaching unsuspecting teens online how to take their parental control software offline and then engage it again later on.

Fortunately there are other choices of Internet safety software recommendations every parent should know, and the Web Safe Kids website is clear in suggesting Web Watcher, a program that permits not only for parental safety features but that also goes further and records each and every keystroke the child makes, thus permitting parents access to emails, chats, and records of websites visited. Since many of the children victimized will not let parents know about being propositioned online or receiving objectionable materials online, this tool allows the parent to see for themselves what is happening in the child’s inbox.

3 thoughts on “Internet Safety Software Recommendations Every Parent Should Know

  1. KenS

    I’d like to recommend/urge/ask all parents to heavily consider monitoring software. In the Internet age, you can’t afford not to. It’s not “spying” on your kids, it’s being a well-informed 21st century parent. Check out PC Pandora ( as one option. Costs less than a tank of gas and may save your child’s life…

  2. Luke

    Have you ever heard of accountability software? Accountability software is specifically for adults who want to guard where they go online without any blocking or filtering. Combined with filtering, it’s a great Internet safety solution for the whole family. If you want more info about it check out my post “Is Filtering All There Is?” –


    “Breaking the Lure of Internet Porn” –

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