Internet Safety For Students

The dangers involved in our youth surfing the Internet are greater than ever. Increases in sever cyber bullying and the high threat of online predators make safety rules a must for any person of any age. This goes for students and Internet safety as well. Our youth should be warned not to meet in person with those they speak with on the net.

If they feel it is necessary a guardian or parent should accompany them. Also ensure that students understand that either party does not permit cyber bullying. If threatening words are used or any offensive words are used it should be reported. Classes can be given through video or written tests on Internet safety. This can be a great way to bring important topics of Internet safety to light for students.

You can provide examples of incidents where practicing unsafe Internet methods harmed this age group. There is no need to be graphic, simply state that there have been cases of abduction, stalking or even fraud and identity theft. Teens or other youth are just as susceptible to these dangers and should be careful not to provide their personal information including phone number, full name, social security number or home/school address.

One of the best ways to protect students is to set up blocks on the computer in the environment they’re in. Also give a small safety course prior to allowing them online. Then have each student read a contract and sign it stating that they will follow Internet safety rules and if any are broken privileges are revoked.

This is another great way to keep students safe and protect them when using the Internet. Safety is first and foremost when it comes to carrying for any youth of any age. Just as parents want to protect their children, teachers want this very same safety for their students and you can achieve this through rules and guidelines.

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