Internet Safety and Password Security Tips

When it comes to daily chores, you can save time and energy by doing many tasks online. Paying bills, checking bank account balances and managing credit cards is all possible with a few clicks of the mouse.

With the Internet allowing for so much personal information and identity access, it’s important to keep all information and passwords as secure as possible. Here are a few internet safety and password security tips to help you protect yourself against identity theft.

1. When choosing a password for any type of account, be sure to choose something “non-typical”. For instance, you wouldn’t want to use anything most people already know about you (your pet’s name, child’s name or birthday wouldn’t be advised to use). The best passwords contain not only letters but also symbols and numbers within them.

2. Even if you feel your password is very secure, it’s always wise to change it every month or so. This will protect you in case someone is close to figuring out what your password is. You can thwart criminal activity by staying ahead of the game.

3. It’s important not to “store” your password for bank and other financial accounts. This pertains to sites where you can choose to allow the password to automatically pop up, without you needing to manually input it each time. Even if you do this only on a home computer or laptop, if your home is broken into or your laptop is missing you may be at financial risk.

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