Helpful Internet Safety Rules

Keeping our children safe from the dangers that lurk online are as simple as using some helpful Internet safety rules. Discuss these rules with your kids or add or change them to your own levels of comfort. The key is to go over Internet safety, which includes the dangers of chat rooms, emailing private information, posting personal photos and meeting in person with the people you chat with online.

Chat Rooms can be great places for discussing topics and learning about the world around you. These spaces can also be a breeding ground for child predators and other deviates that wait for kids with poor self esteem or troubled lives that they can mislead into trusting them for evil intentions. Our kids have to understand that their personal or private information should stay that way.

Hackers and Internet spies wait for names, birth dates, addresses and more that can later be used for a profit, as they will sell it to identity thieves or illegal immigrants. Never email any private information online, after all most kids have a cell phone now, make that call. Beware of posting photographs online.

Predators can use photos to track children or teens. There are cyber stalkers who actually use photos, personal schedules and addresses to plot out kidnappings. Simply be cautious. Warn your kids, preteens and teens never to meet anyone that they talk to online in person, especially alone.

No matter how nice, charming, friendly or trustworthy someone sounds online, you do not know their true intentions. Remember the saying about a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Discuss these areas with your kids and their journey into cyber space will be a fun and safe experience.

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