Have Your Kids Take an Internet Safety Quiz

Most kids can surf the net better than the average adult. They can enter text in a chat room at the speed of light. Though they may be skilled in the ways of technology, that doesn’t mean they are always safe when they go online. If you want to make sure your kids really know how to be safe online, have them take an internet safety quiz. You can type up your own or print one offline.

The type of questions online should concern personal information, photos, acceptable sites and so on. If your kids answer correctly you can feel confident that your kids will do what is safe and if something uncomfortable is encountered they will share that information with you. With child predators waiting for the right opportunity to pounce you should never allow your children to provide their full name, address, phone number or email address online.

Keep your school name and address to your self as well as activity schedules like sporting events offline as well. Identity theives do not look for only adult names. They prey on any personal information online. There are vicious people who look for this information and sell it for a steep fee to scam artists.

Also make sure that your kids understand that they should never meet with a stranger in person even if they are best friends over the Internet. You can meet with a parent or guardian present and be up front about this with your kids. Taking these precautions will keep you and your family safe and a safety quiz can ensure this for you and yours.

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