General Computer Safety Tips

Keeping younger and also older children safe while they are interacting with others online and also using the Internet for learning and studying is a tall order.

So seemingly safe and fun, many let their real life socializing habits dictate the way the choose to interact online and although all the warnings are offered by parents, teachers, publications, and even training software, none of them are able to counteract the child or teen who is caught up in the moment and finds herself on the verge of making a bad decision.

General computer safety tips that have proven to offer the most protection hands down to an individual in this category abound: parents, paid caregivers and school personnel need to be consistently aware of online interactions and the effects they are having on the kids using the computers.

With the increasingly sophisticated methods online predators are employing, parental monitoring software is only a small component in the control a parent may hope to exercise over the interactions of a child or teen.

The most lauded approach to date is the central placing of the computer that is hooked up to the Internet and the consistent insistence that all cyber relationships stay in that realm. There must be absolutely no exchanging of phone numbers, addresses, and personal or parental schedules.

Finally, children need to know that being bullied in divulging this kind of information is easier than they might have anticipated and when this happens, mom and dad will not come down hard but instead help in other ways to prevent this from happening again.

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