Four Easy Ways to Protect your Identity Online

Protecting your identity online is not as hard as sometimes it may appear. There are a number of easy ways to protect your identity online and if you have just a bit of time to invest in getting set up, you will be rewarded with an easy way of remaining safe, secure, and without problems.

1. Do not give out your social security number. There is no reason that anyone online needs this number for any reason. Unless you are an online worker who is required to submit this number, no other businesses or websites have any reasons to ask for it.

2. Have a dedicated credit card you only use for online purchases and bill paying. This protects the integrity of your other credit cards and the one card may be suspended or canceled if a crook got a hold of the number.

3. Never use a debit card for these kinds of payments. Offering a debit card means opening up the gate to your bank account and a crook might clean out all of your ready cash before you are even aware of the problem.

4. Do not respond to emails asking you to confirm your log in information or personal passwords you used on a site. Instead, log on to the site directly and find out if there really is a problem with your account. The odds are good that this is simply an attempt at having you click through to a third party link where your information is harvested.

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