Facebook is for Adults Only

The site claims to be open to teens as young as 13 years of age, but in reality, Facebook is for adults only. This is due in part to the visibility even a privacy protected profile will elicit. When it turns out that a poster is younger, any one of the 175 million Facebook users might take the time to contact them. Do you want your child to be exposed to this many grown ups that most certainly do not have her or his best interest in mind?

Facebook is for adults only and parents who doubt the veracity of this statement have to do little more than take a peek at the site themselves. There will be some unsavory surprises in store for anyone simply browsing. From sexually explicit groups which solicit members, all the way to double entendre applications and games, this is not the kind of venue to let your kids play unsupervised.

Another reason that shows why Facebook is for adults only is the virtual addictiveness that goes hand in hand with the postings on this site. Kids can spend all day posting, catching up with friends and chatting. Will this leave sufficient time for homework?

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