Do You Know Where Your Kids Have Been?

I’m an internet consultant , and I stare at a computer screen for up to 14 hours a day. At times, my 10 and 6 year old boys are in the same room with me staring at their screens, and at times, they’re on their own without me in the room.

Do you think I pay close enough attention to where they go on the internet? No I don’t. Should I? You bet I should. The problem is that I’m busy.

That’s why I’m excited to try out the software from PC Pandora. They contacted me after seeing this website, and asked if I would consider doing a review. I just told them I’d be happy to.

From their website, it looks pretty good…

It runs silently in the background, and records all the necessary functions, chats, web pages, emails, and even individual keystrokes if desired.

Combined with an internet filter for blocking objectionable sites, it may be a perfect solution.You can even add customized text that your children will see when they try to access a site you’ve blocked. Ha!

I’m waiting for my license to arrive now, and I’ll keep you posted…

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