Do You and your Children Understand Common Online Dangers?

More and more people are using the Internet for business and for pleasure. Children use to play games on websites specifically designed by popular television channels and even toy manufacturers, while their parents may be busy with dinner.

Adults love to surf the web in search of hobby related paraphernalia, or simply to interact with others who are doing the same. Romance is a big business on the Internet these days! Sadly, where there is online activity there are also online dangers.

Children are especially vulnerable to these online dangers. Many times they are very trusting and do not understand that giving out personally identifiable information is a danger. Similarly, predators are often scouring child sites and search for ways of interacting with kids in an effort to set up clandestine meetings with them – never for a good purpose!

It is vital for children to understand the online danger to which they are exposed every time they log on to the Internet.

Yet adults are not exempt from online danger. As a matter of fact, many adults engage in behavior that is not only considered dangerous, but in many ways may have devastating financial consequences.

The Nigerian chain letter is a good example of a way that adults have fallen for the online dangers of scam artists who are able to cheat people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars! Identify theft on the Internet is rampant, and it is sad to see how many adults are willing to give out identifiable information via email, simply because they “feel” safe.

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