Creating Online Profiles for Safe Protection of your Identity

Sites such as my space are useful in keeping up with friends, showing off photos and sharing life through technology. Though this newfound sensation has become popular over night it has now also become a portal for online bullies and predators to search for potential targets.

Due to this alarming reality for anyone who is considering setting up an online profile you must take precautions. There are seven key considerations to follow when setting up your online profile.

1.Private. Set your profile to private for security.

2.When setting up your location keep it broad. Simply choose country or state for safety.

3.Use selective photos. Nothing embarrassing such as scantly clad photos or pictures of parties with alcohol.

4.Details should be kept at a minimum. This keeps you from becoming a bigger target.

5.Remain on a first name basis. Otherwise you run the risk of an online predator from searching deeper for your location.

6.Say no to trackers.

7.Share your safety tips with your friends and family.

Following these key steps can keep you or a loved one from becoming a target of a potentially dangerous situation. Keep your location, time and event schedule and other personal bits of information to yourself for the best possible protection of your identity and over all safety.

Also keep your home address, banking information or other details offline for the ultimate protection of online identity theft. Your Identity is your personal details that make you; you and you certainly don’t want that to be taken away and used by any one other that yourself.

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