Catching Online Predators Is Not Enough

If you believe that it is sufficient to assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts of catching online predators, you are sadly mistaken. For each and every online predator that is apprehended and convicted, there are plenty of others ready to step up and take their places in the chat rooms, message boards, forums, and social networking sites frequented by teens and even younger children. Sure, catching online predators is a start, but the only true way of keeping children safe as they are online comes with training them how to act when they might come under attack.

It is insufficient to simply teach a child about the presence of such individuals. In the same vein, catching online predators is not enough. Training—the actual role playing effort between a parent and child—is the vital component that might make the difference between a child who is safe online and one that might throw caution to the wind and gamble on the person on the other end of the conversation really being who and what they proclaim to be.

Since children usually do not know how online predators masquerade, it might be an eye-opening experience for them to see mom or dad typing messages in the same way a child their age would. The learning experience is obvious: if parents are able to do so, what would virtual strangers be able to do to a child? Parental training cannot be stressed sufficiently, even as the race is on to continue catching online predators and getting them off the World Wide Web.

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