Why Internet Safety is Important

Thousands of children each year are victims of internet predators. Some are kidnapped, raped or even killed. Most internet predators form relationships with children via chat rooms on the Web, gain the trust of the child and then convince the child to meet them in public.

Internet safety is more important than ever before, with predators lurking in almost every chat room.

To protect children from predators, parents should be proactive. The following can help parents ensure their children understand the seriousness of internet predators.

1. Limit Computer Use: Parents have the right to limit computer use by children. By allowing children to only access the computer for school use or for a specified amount of time each day, they can help protect their children. It’s best not to use a scheduled time, so children never fully know when they’ll be online and won’t be able to tell anyone when they will likely be able to communicate online.

2. Forbid Chat Rooms: While children love the thought of chatting online, parents should strongly think about forbidding chat rooms. Allow your children to research and play games online. But, don’t allow them to chat. After all, they would be chatting with complete strangers.

3. Get Security Programs: Parents can now purchase many security programs to install on the home computer. These will set restrictions on the computer, especially helpful when parents aren’t home.

Internet safety is extremely important and should be talked about with your children. They should know the risks associated with using the Web and know the consequences.

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