What Is A Parent To Do? MySpace Safety

If you are a parent of a child who has access to the Internet and wants to have a profile on MySpace you may have cause for worry.  There are things you can do in the area of MySpace safety but first you need some information.

MySpace safety is of utmost concern to many parents.  What is a parent to do about MySpace safety?  The first thing parents can do is to admit that MySpace exists and then become educated.

Find out what happens on MySpace before you even talk you your kids or allow them to get involved with the site.  Often parents will back down about Internet use because they don’t understand it.  This is not a good way to go and can certainly make MySpace safety issues even more dire.

Arm yourself with knowledge about the site and read all you can on the subject. MySpace has quite a long policy statement and you should read through it so that you have a better idea of how the site operates and what the rules are.

Do not fool yourself, however.  A huge majority of kids know their way around sites like MySpace and have figured out on their own or with the help of friends how to get around many of the rules and regulations.  This is why it is so important that parents have a firm grasp of how the site works as well as the ins and outs of the policies.

If you have trouble understanding how MySpace operates or think that you need some help you can find all kinds of people who can assist you.  Don’t hesitate to ask because MySpace safety for your kids is up to you.

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