Using MySpace: Who is Really Using this Site

MySpace can be a fairly harmless site that allows people the freedom of expression and it can be a great place to meet new friends.  It can also be a site that encourages behavior that is not safe or appropriate for the very users it was meant for.

Here is some information about a few of the more questionable things that happen on the MySpace site:

Kids as young as 14 can talk to people their age or decades older about sex.  Groups have been formed to discuss being a lesbian and there are groups of older men who converse with young boys about sex and share photos that are suggestive or show the people involved without clothing.

There is quite a bit of discussion going on about sexual issues between kids and older adults.  This is not appropriate and often involves photos that are sexually explicit. 

You can not only join a swingers group at MySpace but you can also register as a swinger.  This means that there are people who are using MySpace as a way to solicit sex.

Parents need to be familiar with MySpace and make sure their kids are not involved in these activities.  Many parents do not want to be the “bad guy” but in this case it might be better to be labeled as the person who set up some rules concerning the use of MySpace rather than suffer the consequences later.

If you have a teen who has a profile on MySpace you need to get involved and see what is going on.  Keep your kids safe from the predators who see MySpace as a way to meet victims.

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