Using a Chat Room and Chat Definitions Safely

Chat rooms and chat definitions go together like peanut butter and jelly.  If you have kids that use chat rooms it is very likely they are also pros at chat definitions.

There is nothing wrong with using chat definitions although often they are used to keep parents in the dark about what messages the kids are sending in chat rooms.  These chat definitions are also used in e-mails and instant messaging.

Chat definitions make communicating easier and faster, for those who understand the meanings.  If you don’t know what any of the current chat definitions are you may want to brush up a bit and find out what some of the chat definitions mean.

Chat rooms are places on the internet where people can type messages that show up on other people’s computers.  This happens very quickly and this is a place where knowing what chat definitions mean comes in very handy.  If you don’t understand chat definitions you will not only be out of the loop but you will not be able to understand the messages being sent to you or to your children.

Chat definitions are used for instant messaging which is a conversation that takes place between two people.  Chat definitions are used in chat rooms, too.  Chat definitions may be used by people who want to interest kids or teens in private chats.  This is not a good idea because although the person may have an excellent understanding of chat definitions they may not be someone who should be chatting with young people, especially in private chat rooms.

Discuss safety issues with your kids and know some of the different chat definitions so you can understand what your kids are saying in chat rooms.

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