Understanding Emoticons And Other Internet Lingo-Part Two

Yes, Emoticons can be confusing but if you want to have a command of this often used online communication there are ways to be successful.  The more you are able to understand Emoticons the more you will be able to understand the messages sent and received by your kids.  You can keep your children a little safer if you are educated in this area.

Sometimes parents would rather bury their heads in the sand when it comes to Emoticons and other types of online issues but this is never a good plan.  You can figure out the little smiley faces and other Internet lingo, you just need to know where to look for assistance.

Talk to people who have knowledge in this area.  There may be teachers at the school your child attends who have a good grasp of Emoticons and their uses and meanings.  Some schools even offer information for parents about Emoticons and may have meetings that parents can attend.  If not, you can talk to other parents and arrange for such a meeting to take place.

There are community colleges and universities in many areas that have experts in this area and who are really good at this type of thing.  Check to see if any of these people are available for consultation and advice.

Check the Yellow pages of your phone book for listings of computer services that can help you understand Emoticons and other online communications.  These businesses often have professionals who can be hired for training purposes.

Emoticons may seem as if they are a kind of foreign language but never fear, help is here!

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